Below are notes to assist you in the reading of your Annual Benefit Statement.
Feel free to contact us if you require any further details not covered in the below documentation.
This year’s Annual Benefit Statement provides an estimate of your pension benefits accrued in your current scheme membership to 31/03/2020. Any projections on your pension entitlement are also based on the assumption that your current membership will continue until your normal pension age.

Please note that on the 20 December 2018, the Court of Appeal ruled in McCloud/Sargeant that the transitional arrangements introduced as part of the 2015 reforms to the Firefighters’ and Judges’ pension scheme were discriminatory and, therefore, unlawful. The Government subsequently accepted that this ruling applied to all the main public service pension schemes and is currently working on removing this discrimination to all affected scheme members.This work is complex and will take time.

For further information please see the Written Ministerial Statement from 25 March 2020:

At this stage there is still uncertainty around the final approach to removing this discrimination.This means that it has not been possible to reflect the impact of the Court of Appeal ruling in this year’s Annual Benefit Statements.


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